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Oxenlab is leading IT services provider founded in 2012. So far we have served huge customer base and clientele in the corporate and telecommunication sector.  The company’s head office is based in Lahore, Pakistan, and with above 50 IT leaders, professionals and specialists working around the clock.

Oxenlab is a global business consulting company that delivers innovative solutions through its IT services.
Our headquaters are in Lahore, Pakistan. With offices in Spain, UAE and Germany.
Founded in 2012, we are providing business consulting services for more than 5 years.
We are involved in more thatn 40 projects in any one time. These range in value from 100$ to more than 1$ million.

We started in 2012 with the aim to provide IT services to organizations, institutions and companies. OxenLab is a now a leading tech services provider in Pakistani and for international business enterprises.

With an eye of great design our services include Web Design, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Shopping cart Design, Corporate websites and many more. We are driven by the passion to innovate, experiment and explore new strategies. We strive hard to maximize the reputation, performance and positioning of our customers.

We provide clients with cutting-edge technology, integrated solutions and innovative software to enhance the returns on investments, growth and development. Our solutions and services provide quality, reliability and affordability which can lead your business to growth and success.

We have extensive experience in building websites and web applications. We have a dedicated team of developers which have successfully completed over 100 projects for a variety of business and industries, including e-Ticketing, e-Commerce, e-Learning, logistics,  Analytics, and more.

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“The art of business consulting.”

“The most trusted partner.”

“Always one step ahead.”

“Perfection in everything.”

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