Oops! What’s wrong with this code! It was supposed to work properly.

Psst! The app is not working on selected platforms anymore.

Phew! Incorrect linking of button.

Many times you encounter these kinds of bugs and errors in your software testing work. But these bugs do not show that you’re a bad tester or you are not having invested the appropriate recourses and time by your enterprise. The problem often lies loosely-coupled codes, complex application workflow and integrations. Moreover, you lose a significant amount of time and effort in fixing bugs and ensuring that the apps will function accurately across different environments.

This all makes the web test automation a hectic job to get optimum results of the efforts.


Here are 7 hacks you need to know to ensure that the accurate web test automation and reduce your effort and time spent.


  1. Plan and execute web test automation against real scenarios

Knowing real scenarios before executing the tests is highly important. You should plan and prioritize the web test automation process according to real scenarios. The testing based on real scenarios help you identify the actual results and fix the bugs at the right space. It is far better than testing against dummy scenarios or running mock sessions.


  1. Run test automation after daily code commits

This may sound hard but in real it can save extra effort at a later stage. It is helpful because enterprises roll updates and change their software frequently. Testing codes on daily bases save time and effort of large scale testing and reduces the chances of errors at final stage. It also helps to keep track of application performance and avoid negative impacts in the long run.

  1. Reduce test execution time and improve test coverage


This is a desirable difficulty to achieve the better coverage and outcome. You should use the right software testing tools, methodology and frameworks to reduce the execution time of tests. Though it depends on type if testing – front end testing is easy and quick compared to back end back-end testing which takes more time. So, one can make up test automation fast by employing tactics like headless testing.


  1. Check browsers & platform compatibility

Make sure the application is functioning properly across different browsers and platforms. Performing well on one environment does necessarily means it will be show up show up the same way on another browser or platform. So, practice cross browser and cross platform testing before releasing the app in market. It will save your credibility, time and money at a later stage.


  1. Find, report & fix bugs early in the process


Don’t keep the bugs and error in your list pending. Try to fix them at the spot and space as soon as you catch them. Early resolution is beneficial because it saves last minute rushes.

  1. Repurpose test scripts

It is better to create flexible test scripts for better reusability right from beginning of the testing procedure. It is one of best ways for optimizing test automation investments. This will save time and effort for test script creation. Repurposed test scripts are useful in regression testing and help you cop deadlines in agile cycles.


  1. Report regularly

Last, but not least, report the progress of automation testing to the stakeholder. Identify them the crucial areas and action items for further workaround. It will run test automation appropriately in direction and you devise a solid strategy; making  the most of your test automation investments and efforts.

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