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Our ERP Services Methodology

At Oxenlab, we provide ERP services with a unique  methodology that fosters a deep understanding of our customer’s need. We have experts who know well about businesses, industries and market trends which makes us stand out among other ERP service providers in Pakistan. We guide each and every project utilizes an agile deployment methodology for iterative, time-boxed implementation for rapid delivery of customized ERP solutions. We always achieve early and throughout ERP implementation, by our well planned strategy of  enterprise resource management software.

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Oxenlab is  the ERP  software provider which offers both on-premise and cloud based ERP software solution. We are aware of the fact that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others work more effectively on local servers stationed at customer’s location. Oxenlab ERP services are the right mix of resources comprising  experts, keeping costs down while still meeting each customer’s unique project requirements.

Our ERP Consulting Services Offerings

Oxenlab provides ERP services that covers the whole  lifecycle of an ERP system. The first step in implementation of whole enterprise resource management is  consulting. Our ERP consultation team works closely with our customers to provide live updates,  alignment services, from check-up and calibration services and needed customizations development. We also provide ERP services if you want to integrate third party modules or functionalities. For example, we can customize our ERP system for mobile application development.  For upgrading and refreshing systems  Our ERP consultation team assists you with a range of services, from assessing your technical readiness, minor and major changes and project management. Similarly, Oxenlab team facilitates the rollouts of system of companies in new locations. We also offer free training to our the employees of company.

Oxenlab ERP consulting services cover a broad range of project types because we understand that no two businesses are alike. We have business experts with deep knowledge of product in market, industry and processes of organizations. To ensure you very personalized solution delivery, we have team ERP specilaists in almost all big cities of Pakistan, such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar Quetta, Multan and Faisalabad. We have ERP experts in Spain, Australia, US, Canada and Dubai too.

Areas of Application

Our ERP softwares are augmented by powerful enterprise features and loaded with additive solutions and integrations. We have developed customized ERP software by our years of research and development. Oxenlab ERP services are extendent but not limited to the following areas of  ERP application.

Latest indurstry research by our professionals
Throughout market data analysis
Individual assessment and approach
Implementation of proposed solutions

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About Our Company

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We are extremely proud of the pioneering services we provide. Our team of professionals will help to change your business forever.Robert Chambers, CEO

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