Devops are embraced by every IT organization because of it can increase software development speed and provides a  greater business agility.

What is DevOps?

First of all you need to understand what is DevOps and what’s not. Is it some kind of Job? Culture? way of organizing? Or just a way of thinking?

DevOps is actually still evolving, we can not  limit it right now. So, here we will talk about some of common themes, tools and ideas. DevOps recognizes that  software development and IT operations  are interdependent. To help an organization produce software and IT services more rapidly Dev Ops movement has started which emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations.

In recent times DevOps movement has begun to take shape. This movement is from the people who it’s time for change in the IT industry – by stop stop wasting money, and delivering great software.

What problems DevOps solve?

To be honest, we are right now sucks. The IT industry, specifically, the software industry, is not performing well in terms of its efficiency.  There’s always an implicit assumption that software projects will run late, are underpeformed when they’re delivered, and the quality is not good against the investment.

Let’s mentions some common issues we experience in the web-enabled sphere of software today.

Fear of change

When a company invests on an application, it faces Metathesiophobia which is fear of change. The applications and the platform on which the software sits somewhat brittle and vulnerable. It is very painful for companies to move forward and  introduce new features, or fix problems with the application.

Risky deployments

Another problem we face today is  ‘risky deployment’. No one is fully  confident that the software will work in the live environment and the code will behave as expected.

It works on my machine!

It is one of the common problem developers face. Once they complete a project and project gets deployed there are problems picked up by systems administrators or client. After investigation (and most of times without investigations) the problem is reported to the developers.  The developers have no answer but reply “It works on my machine”.


On bigger projects which are completed in the form of team and where team divides work for developers, testers, release managers and sysadmins , the projects end dreadfully. It results into an ‘us and them’ mentality – members of team are simultaneously suspicious each other.

sketch of people connected on chalkboard

The Devops movement stands for a  better way building software in efficient teams.

How does Devops helps IT?

The Devops movement is built around a group of people who wants to revolutionize the world of software development and delivery through the application of a combination of appropriate technology and attitude.

In devops movement model,  sysadmin coders with a proper understanding of software are going to work on same page. More importantly, they that  all of us – developers, testers, managers, DBAs, network technicians, and sysadmins – are all working to achieve the same target: the delivery of great quality and reliable software that ensures the business benefit for the client.

In IT industry, through the Devops you can build a remarkable team of developers, testers, and sysadmins, to solve problems. The devops movement also encourage the development of communication skills, comprehension of the domain in which the software is being written, sensitivity and passion to accomplish the goals. Obviously, the communication is most important for this so Dev ops acts as a bridge.

Another problem we discussed earlier that the sysadmins who are responsible for getting the software out live do not work in the  same city or even same country as the developers. So how on earth we can expect a  good quality software to be delivered?

The Devops movement is characterized by people with a versatile skill set. They are comfortable to work with infrastructure and configuration and also ready to  write tests, debug, and ship features. These people with  feet in multiple camps, compare ideas, identify problems, train, recruit and popularize this way of doing IT.

Devops has immense impact on IT sector and it is clearing traditionally problematic areas of deployment and maintenance. Pulling to gather as a one team with cross-disciplinary approach is maximizing reliability in all areas. It ensures better reliability and availability, happier clients, efficient delivery rather than wasteful administration and firefighting.

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