odoo 11 introduction

Odoo 11 has been released in Odoo Experience, the main Odoo event of the year. With one year of hard work the Odoo has come up with new features apps, userexperience and updates to empower its users. Fabien Pinckaers,  founder of Odoo  unveiled the Odoo 11 in his keynote presentation at the Odoo Experience.


Enhancing Performance:
Improved User Experience and Speed 

A New Look & Feel

Odoo 11 has a  new design, to delight odoo users with an interface which is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. Unlike traditional, austere ERP interfaces Odoo’s new interface is to a fun and attractive one. Odoo 11 has whole new ‘pixel perfect’ design from home page to the Kanban and form views, the chatter and even the reports. The new odoo has  more pure, bright and high chrome palette in backgroud that can adapt to all screen sizes and devices. It has new , cleaner  and easy to read fonts.

odoo 11 new features


300% improved speed

Speed is one of main concern of ERP software users. Fast and qucik loading can boost  productivity and  your overall happiness at work. The new Odoo is said to be 3 times  faster than the Odoo 10.

A New Kanban Layout with a Useful Progress Bar

In Odoo 11 a new progress bar has been on staged headers of Kanban veiw. Which makes user able to filter on the status of their activities inl east  clicks and following up details better than before.

odoo kanban

A Dedicated Mobile UI for Odoo Discuss

Odoo discuss which makes chatting on the go is now in the new user interface. The odoo discuss app has been redesigned for mobile users and the main buttons are in the range of ‘thumb zone’ at screen bottom,making overall communication from your smartphone “handy”

Odoo 11 New Features

Odoo 11 is loaded with a lot of new features enriching the existing product. Lets see what new in odoo 11:

Odoo Project: Analyze Project and Employees Profitability

Now with Odoo you have great tool for service companies through which profilbility of employees can be analysed. Here is brief flow of this tool:

  • Odoo Sales to increase customer satisfaction
  • Odoo Project to deliver your services
  • Odoo Timesheet to control the time spent on projects
  • Odoo Helpdesk to manage customer support

With this tool in odoo 11 you can analyze the profitability of your employees and projects visual report.

New Accounting Localizations:
Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Colombia

The odoo 11 has adapted adapted the local accountings for the following for countires such as Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Germany, India, Netherlands and Colombia.

Odoo Studio: Additional Features and Better UX

Audio Studio has also been improved in tremendous UX. Now it makes its user able create and customize business apps in minutes without coding.

The app is now  more mature and user-friendly. Some of the featurein new odoo studio are as follow:

  • Easy switch between apps which enables you to customize several apps without leaving the Studio app
  • Edit list and form views for One2Many and Many2Many fields
  • Generate Gantt views from your custom app
  • Drag & drop fields in your view for fast customizations.
  • More related fields for app customizations.

Odoo Inventory and MRP: Flexibility and Robustness

The Odoo R&D team has come up with a new and improved version of Inventory and MRP apps. The major improvements from functional point of view are:

  • Improved and better user experience with cleaner menus and improved reports
  • Improved flexibility & robustness .
  • Visual indicators, logged notes and warning to overcome mistakes or oversights.

Introducing New Apps:
Marketing Automation and
Online Appointment

You all know that Odoo always come up with exciting apps every year. This year Odoo has took a great leap and introduced new apps for businesses to scale and automate their business processes and reducing the work load at the same time.

Oline Appointment

It is an new Odoo app for  Online Appointments. It is an easy-to-use and user friendly scheduling app which allows clients to book themselves  appointment online by their own. It works on real-time availability. The tool synchronizes with Google Calendar, and gives you complete control over your schedule and avoiding duplicate booking.

What’s so special about this app:

  • User can watch their agenda fill up effortlessly because of the self booking system
  • Automated  SMS’s or Emails to remind the appointments.
  • Availability control. The users can decide the time of their availability  from their Google Calendar.
  • Real time synchronization of Google calendar
  • Publish your appointment type on your Odoo Website in one click

Try it now on : https://www.odoo.com/page/appointments  

Marketing Automation

Traditional automated marketing  software is used in industry  to automate repetitive actions such as email campaigns. For example, if you want to  5 emails to every newly enrolled  every week to generate leads. There are many marketing automation tools that can do this job.

But Odoo’s new marketing tool is very different from conventional automated marketing tools. This is a perfectly designed tool for  lead nurturing and automating lead management as well. It can do even more than that. Odoo Marketing Automation features tight integration between apps and can be used by any department to automate any business flow.

What’s so special about this app?

  • The smarter visual interface that shows  the whole workflow at a glance
  • More than just a marketing automation tool. It’s a business automation tool
  • Lead generation system, lead scoring and lead assignation features makes it an amazing lead management system

Odoo App for iOS

The Odoo 11 is now also available to iOS users. iOS users are now able to take their work out of the office and work on the go from their apple Devices. Odoo 11 has a new Mobile app optimized for any iOS device, providing iPhone users with  more flexibility for their business management software.

Every application is available from one native app as before. Which allows users to maintain their records, sales, reports, content management, and much more. Push notifications keep you informed of every task or action for user to follow, and the responsive content delivery system ensures that every screen is optimally viewable from any device size.

You can download the Odoo app for iOS here

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