Here we have collected 21 impressive benefits of Node.js that can be helpful for your business.

  1. Save time: you can carry out the development process in the shortest possible time with this framework. So, you can reduce the time-to-market application to a great extent.
  2. Pay as you grow: It is very cost effective because you have to pay for only what you need and according to your capacity while testing and deployment of the application.
  3. Compatible: The Node.Js code is compatible with multiplatform and multiple browser which means that the code you write in one language can run on multiple platforms. This reduces the effort you need to rewrite code for different platforms.
  4. Easy to use: To handle the frontend and backend in node.js the engineer don’t need any special talent as both can be handled using a simple language.
  5. Concurrent architecture: The enterprises build network application made using node.js can handle multiple concurrent connection with increased performance.
  6. Best platform for real time web applications: In Node.Js the, the queries are written in JavaScript and data is stored as JSON format which diminish the need to interchange the data.
  7. A big repository of modules: There are over 60000 modules in the Node.Js package manger (NPN) and they are constantly increasing. There built-in modules helps to build consistent and scalable solutions with ease.
  8. More innovation: We can expect more innovation in business apps when the developers are free to the tools and framework of Node.Js and JavaScript community.
  9. Act as proxy server: If the enterprises don’t have infrastructure in place the node.js features can serve as proxy server and improve user response time.
  10. Load Balancing and caching content: The node.js server can easily handle multiple servers to dispense the load and content caching. You can do this by putting reverse proxy server in the front of on node.js server which will boost the performance of application even in the high traffic at the back.
  11. Eliminates flipping between multiple technologies: Node.Js helps you with tight coupling between server side and client side hence eliminating the flipping the need on flipping back and forth between multiple technologies.
  12. Cloud Scalability: The node.js automatically scales up and down with the cloud scalability depending upon rush hours and traffic which saves money when usage is less.
  13. Performance: It performs appreciably well with HTTP and TCP protocols.
  14. Supports PaaS hosting providers: Js supports the inexpensive PaaS hosting providers which is better for business applications.
  15. Efficient with low response time: It suits well to business applications because it can perform a lot of data processing in minimal time with low response times.
  16. High Data Exchange at the back-end: It does high data exchange at the back-end in an impeccable way.
  17. Consumes Data through web services: Js is highly recommended for building mobile application development because of the reason that it consumes data through the web service in the form of JSON.
  18. Less coding for basic APIs: It allows creating basic APIs in less coding due to HTTP support and apt selection of modules.
  19. Saves budget: It saves well on your budget by reducing the number of servers for hosting the application.
  20. Fast page loading: The page loading time decreases to about half with its features and functionalities.
  21. Next frontier of Technology:js can be retained for longer time and developers would love to work on application.


Aforementioned benefits make it clear the businesses must consider this technology for their next business application as Node.Js is the next frontier of technology world to build world-class applications on-the-fly. These benefits can not be ignored so employ node.js as another feather to your business cap.

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